• Go Green On Our Lead Free Frangible Range

    We are a “green” lead free range. To protect the health and safety of our customers, our staff, and the environment, we will only use unleaded ammunition. You may buy unleaded ammo from our range or you may provide your own. All ammo used in our range must be clearly marked “Lead Free”.

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  • Concealed Carry Classes and Firearms Training

    Whether you need a firearms instructor to help you with a new gun or maybe you have never picked up a firearm in your life; we are here to help. The friendly staff at Naples Gun Range & Emporium provides Concealed Carry Classes regularly. Check our calender for class & training schedules.

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  • FFL Transfers, Special Orders and Inventory

    Naples Gun Range & Emporium has the largest selection of firearms and inventory in the SWFL-Naples area. We also provide our customers with fast and easy FFL transfers and will work with vendors to special order you the perfect concealed carry, sporting or defensive weapon to meet your needs.

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New and Featured Products

  • Concealed Carrie Bags, Purses, and More

    Naples Gun Range & Emporium now carries a full line of handbags and purses from designer Concealed Carrie. Click here to see Page 1 and Page 2 of the Concealed Carrie catalog. Call or stop by the store for a wide selection of these fashionable fabulous handbags.

  • We Are A Kimber Authorized Dealer

    Naples Gun Range & Emporium is an authorized Kimber firearms dealer. Call or come by to and speak to one of our knowledgeable and professional staff members to learn more about the top of the line Kimber 1911 handguns and the concealable Kimber Solo line of firearms.

  • We Stock All Models of Glock Handguns

    Naples Gun Range & Emporium has a full line of Glock handguns, magazines and accessories. We carry both the 3rd and 4th Generation firearms. Glock is known for it's reliability and dependability, and is used by more LEO professionals than any other firearm in the world.