Naples Gun Range & Emporium is Southwest Florida’s premiere indoor firearm range, training center and retail store locally owned and operated by a couple who are actively involved in shooting sports and defensive training. Built by shooters for shooters or anyone wanting to try.

Whether you're looking to get your Florida Concealed Carry Weapons License or purchase your first firearm our team of experts offer the best advice, with a friendly attitude, on a large selection of the best pistols, rifles, shotguns, optics and accessories the industry has to offer.

Naples Gun Range is also South West Florida’s largest stocking dealer for Class III (NFA) items like silencers (suppressors), short-barrel rifles (SBRs) and full-auto machine guns. Couple our expert advice and the largest in stock selection of NFA items and you are guaranteed to find what your are looking for. We handle all of the necessary ATF paperwork that is required in order to purchase or transfer a suppressor, machine gun or SBR. Our process is quick, efficient and guaranteed. Class III weapons and accessories are the perfect addition to anyone's collection and an excellent investment.



Have more fun shooting frangible ammunition at reactive steel targets in our clean, lead-free range. You will find our instructors offer personalized attention, whether you are a new shooter, gun enthusiast, or a skilled marksman. Our upscale, no-rush atmosphere set us apart from other ranges. And you’ll stay comfortable shooting in one of our eight well-lit, X-Large air-conditioned lanes.

Our air-conditioned indoor range features large, bright and more importantly safe shooting lanes all with electronically controlled targets. Our XL lanes allow for a group of people to comfortably be in the lane at the same time and our lighting system is by far the brightest making it easy to see were you hit the target.

We're proud to be the only indoor shooting range in Southwest Florida to have reactive steel targets. Not only does shooting steel targets quadruple the fun it's proven to reduce the time it takes to become a better shooter. Some people say it's more expensive to shoot steel because of the frangible ammunition cost but in the long run you will save thousands and be a better marksman for it. There is one catch. Once you shoot steel it's hard to have fun making holes in paper.




Naples Gun Range has one of only three professional simulator rooms in Florida where shooters can test their reflexes and decision making abilities. In the professional gunfighting world it's called a Training Lab and this is one of the best available used by professionals nationwide.  Between the fifteen foot life-size HD screen and dolby surround sound you will think your in the action.

There are over 700 concealed carry training, shoot/don't shoot and defensive training scenarios that can be instructor driven based on the students reaction.  The system is also loaded with skill builders and games for the kids making it a great room to book for parties.


Expert Instruction

Our team of experienced instructors is eager to help you take your shooting to the next level. Learning how to defend yourself with a firearm is risky business and your instructor should be chosen wisely. There are many instructor who claim to understand the difference between Hollywood and real gunfights however very few understand the difference. Surprisingly, grand facilities have been built with lanes to narrow for proper instruction.

From first time shooters to experienced concealed carry holders looking to improve their fundamentals and tactics, we’re here to help 7-days a week 363 days a year. Call to book a time or just come on in. Everyone on our team is a certified instructor or Range Safety Officer.

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Naples Gun Range & Emporium
4651 Mercantile Ave.
Naples, FL 34104
(239) 330-7265