Test your skills and learn from expert instructors and peers how to properly draw from concealed, proper use of cover, weapon manipulation, multiple target engagements, target engagement on the move, low-light no-light conditions, speed and tactical reloads, etc...

This a learning competition where beginners can learn the fundamentals of defensive shooting while experienced shooters test their ability to execute the fundamentals properly.

Start time is 7:00pm.

If it is your first time you need to arrive no later than 6:30 for the safety briefing and orientation.

We shoot one at a time in front of the firing line drawing from the holster. Hoster can be either OWB or IWB and you must be signed off by the Chief Range Safety Officer to be allowed to draw from a holster. If you are not signed off to draw or have not had the time to take holster drawing lesson you will start from low ready.

A Girl & A Gun

The league is designed to take new shooters to any level they wish and provide experienced shooters with more opportunities to grow. We get together every second Tuesday and third Thursday of the month @ 6:00pm during the winter months. During the summer we get together only on the third Thursday @ 6:00pm

Join us for an hour of shooting and then dinner and socializing.

Check the calendar for updated schedules and hope to see you!!

A Girl & A Gun is a Ladies Only Organization established by women shooters for women shooters!