Have More Fun Shooting Steel!

Have more fun shooting copper ammunition at reactive steel targets in our clean, Lead-free range. You will find our instructors offer personalized attention, whether you are a new shooter, gun enthusiast, or a skilled marksman. Our upscale, no-rush atmosphere set us apart from other ranges. You’ll stay comfortable shooting in one of our eight well-lit, X-Large air-conditioned lanes. If you're sharing a lane with a friend, you'll enjoy relaxing in our director's chairs waiting for your turn. Best of all, you won't be exposing yourself to harmful side effects of Lead.

Safety First

While shooting in our range you can relax knowing shooters on the range with you are handling their firearms in a safe manner. We take great pride in operating the safest public range you can shoot in. Anyone not shooting with an instructor and visiting us for the first time will be asked to perform a gun handling test to ensure you know how to safely handle your firearm.

Age Restrictions:

Shooters under 21 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Eye and Eye Protection

Eye and ear protection are required at all times on the shooting range. We have shooting glasses and hearing protection available.

First-time shooter safety instruction $10

If you're new to shooting or don't shoot often you can relax knowing a certified instructor will show you how to safely operate and shoot your firearm, then accompany you into the range to make sure you are safe and comfortable.

Ammunition Facts

  • Frangible ammunition is made from copper just like the personal protection rounds you carry.
  • Frangible ammunition is significantly cleaner to shoot because there is less carbon fouling and no lead fooling.
  • Frangible ammunition is safe to shoot indoors unlike cheaper lead

Copper Ammunition Only

Only copper frangible ammunition is permitted for use on the range. Cheap leaded ammunition is harmful to shoot indoors and dangerous to shoot at steel like we have in our range. This eliminates the risk of ricochet from the steel targets and lead exposure to our customers and staff. Frangible ammunition is made from the same materials modern-day personal protection rounds are made, copper.

You are welcome to bring your own ammunition as long as it is lead-free copper frangible. If you have any questions about this type of ammunition please do not hesitate to call and one of our staff will be happy to help.

International Visitor Information

Naples Gun Range & Emporium welcomes visitors from all over the world to try our state of the art facility, the only one of it's kind in Florida. Ranked number #1 by Trip Advisor and Yelp is your guarantee to a good time.

  • No reservation needed for groups less than 4
  • Bring Passport of Photo ID
  • Closed toed shoes not recommended
  • Low cut shirts not recommended

Upon arrival, your group will be checked in and anyone that has not signed a waiver online will do so on one of the iPads. You'll start with an eight-minute safety video and from there you and your instructor will pick out the firearms you would like to try. Your instructor will teach how to operate the firearms safely and then accompany you into the range with some hands-on training. Once you've demonstrated that you are handling the firearm in a safe manner and you are comfortable in its operation your instructor will leave you and your group to have some fun but will be nearby available should you have any questions.

Packages for two starting at $50

Lane Fees per hour: 

$15 - 1st Person / $7.50 Second Person (Same Lane)

Ammunition Prices

  • .22lr $12.00
  • 9mm $22.50
  • 38 Special $26.50
  • 380 ACP $26.50
  • 357 Sig $29.50
  • 357 MAG $29.50
  • 40 S&W $24.00
  • 45 ACP $29.50
  • 44 Mag $59.50
  • 10 mm $34.50
  • 12g Slug $8.75 (5 RD)
  • 12g Buck $26.50 (25RD)
  • .223 $37.50
  • 300 blk $47.50
  • .308 $22.50 (20rd)

Prices are for 50 RD boxes unless otherwise noted.
Ammo prices are subject to change.


Handgun and handgun caliber rifles may be used on our range suppressed or unsuppressed. Members can shoot rifle and shogun calibers while non-members may only shoot rented rifles or shotguns.

Range Facts

  • The longest indoor public range in Naples (17 yds)
  • Large booths and stadium seats
  • Bright lighting throughout the target area
  • Clean cool & Non-Toxic conditioned air (72F/22 C)
  • Only indoor range with reactive steel targets
  • Voted # 1 Range in Naples 2016, 2017 & 2018
  • Ranked #1 Range in Naples (TripAdvisor)
  • Ranked #1 Range in Naples (Yelp)
  • Ranked #2 thing to do in Naples (TripAdvisor)